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Thakur Hospital is dedicated For Gynecologist, Paediatric & General Healthcare.

With a team of skilled doctors, we provide expert medical care, ensuring your well-being is always our priority. From emergency situations to routine check-ups, our round-the-clock support ensures you receive the attention and assistance you deserve. Whether you’re seeking Gynecologist in karna or multispecialty hospital in karnal, Thakur hospital in karnal are here to guide you through every step of your healthcare journey. Trust us to deliver reliable and compassionate care that you can count on.

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About Hospital

Thakur Hospital is a NABH accredited & one of the top rated Multi Specialty Hospital in Karnal, working for more than 4 decades with a vision to give excellent services in the field of Pediatrics, Neonatology, Gynecology, Obstetrics & Medicine.


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Specialized care for newborns in need, ensuring their delicate health and development.

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Providing compassionate care and expertise in the Adult ICU

Ambulance Service

Rapid response in times of urgency, delivering immediate medical aid when every second counts.

Medicine / Pharmacy

Convenient access to essential medications, ensuring timely and hassle-free prescriptions.


 Accurate diagnostics for informed treatment, utilizing cutting-edge technology for reliable results.

Cashless Facility

Seamless healthcare without financial worries, providing peace of mind during medical emergencies.


Where critical medical interventions happen swiftly.

Operation Theatres

Where surgeries are performed with precision.

Labour Room

Where new life enters the world under careful attention.


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 Trust us to be there for you whenever you require medical attention, offering reliable care and support around the clock.

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24/7 Ambulance Services In Karnal

Our 24/7 ambulance services ensure that medical assistance is just a phone call away, day or night. With a fleet of well-equipped vehicles and trained paramedics, we are ready to respond swiftly to emergencies and transport patients safely to our facility or any other medical destination.

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Enhance the appearance, structure, and function of your initimate part.

Specialized procedures tailored to address aesthetic concerns and functional issues in the woman intimate areas.


Meet Our Amazing Doctors

Dr. Anuj Thakur

Pediatrics and Neonatology

Dr. Gitanjali Thakur

Gynecologist and Obstetrics

Dr. Rajiv Jain


Our Success Stories

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Review From Our Patients

Our baby is admitted in thakur hospital karnal with diagnosis of high grade fever and after four days stay now he feeling good Our experience is quite good nurses are very sweet and Dr Anuj Thakur is best pediatrician in karnal

Komaldeep Kaur

We came here for our son RAKSHIT’s (11 month) treatment, he was sufferimg from infection and fever . We stayed 3 days in Thakur Hospital. Doctoras well as staff is really cooperative. Our child is now feeling better. We felt like we were at our home, Good Management. Overall experience was Good.

Sunil ielts trainer

My baby was admitted in Thakur Hospital with the problem of throat infection for 4 5 days and after these days she will fine and able to eat properly. We are satisfied with the services. Overall Good Rating from our side Best hospital with best paediatrician in karnal

Shivani Sachdeva


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a gynecologist and an obstetrician?

A gynecologist specializes in women's reproductive health, while an obstetrician focuses on pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care. We at Thakur hospital offer best gynecology services in karnal. Book your appointment today and see the difference.

How can Cosmetic Gynecology procedures enhance both physical appearance and functionality?

Cosmetic Gynecology procedures can enhance physical appearance by addressing concerns such as vaginal laxity, labial asymmetry, and vaginal rejuvenation. Additionally, these procedures can improve functionality by addressing issues like urinary incontinence and discomfort during intercourse.

What are the common conditions treated by neonatologists, and how do they differ from pediatricians?

Neonatologists primarily treat newborns who may have complications or require specialized care immediately after birth, such as premature babies or those with birth defects. Pediatricians, on the other hand, provide medical care for infants, children, and adolescents up to the age of 18. 

But the best part Thakur Hospital karnal have the best neonatologist in karnal and best pediatrician in karnal


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