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Enhance Your Confidence with Our Cosmetic Gynecology Services

Our cosmetic gynecology services are designed to empower women by addressing aesthetic concerns and enhancing their self-confidence. From non-invasive procedures to surgical interventions, our expert team provides personalized solutions tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty, or other cosmetic procedures, we prioritize your comfort, safety, and satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Restore Feminine Wellness with Our Comprehensive Cosmetic Gynecology Solutions

 we understand the importance of holistic feminine wellness, which is why we offer a range of cosmetic gynecology solutions aimed at restoring both physical and emotional well-being. From addressing postpartum changes to improving sexual satisfaction, our board-certified gynecologists and plastic surgeons utilize advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional results. With utmost sensitivity and confidentiality, we are dedicated to helping women feel empowered and rejuvenated in every aspect of their lives.


The ULTRA FEMME 360 procedure offers the shortest radio frequency treatment available for women’s intimate health and wellness.

Treatment Indications


360° volumetric heating.


Uniform Distribution of energy.


Shortest Radio Frequency.


Notable Results

96% Vaginal Tightness Improvement

93% Sexual Satisfaction Improvement

Patient friendly

Non surgical,No downtime

Dont Take Our Word For It Take Their

The BTL Ultra Femme is a quick, easy to perform, non-invasive procedure with no downtime that is a safe and effective treatment to help with femine issues. The demand for these procedures has been overwhelming and women are very grateful to have options to help them with female intimate health issues for which there have been few options. 

M. Christine Lee, M.D., M.P.H

The Skin and lase Treatment Institute Walnut Creek, CA

Ultra Femme has been invaluable to our non-surgical rejuvenation practice. As Scarless Rhinoplasty experts, we wanted a device our female providers can use confidently that is safe, simple and effective; in that order of priority. Ultra Femme has proven and their partners have been raving about the results and we are glad to have chosen one of the superior options on the market. 

Deepak Dugar, M.D.

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Beverly Hills, CA

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What Sets Us Apart?

why choose Cosmetic Gynecology

Specialized Expertise

Cosmetic gynecologists stay abreast of the latest advancements and techniques in their field, allowing them to offer cutting-edge solutions to their patients.

Personalized Consultations

During these consultations, gynecologists take the time to listen attentively to each patient's needs, preferences, and aesthetic goals.

Advanced Techniques and Technology

With advanced techniques, our cosmetic gynecologists can perform procedures with greater precision and accuracy, minimizing discomfort and reducing recovery time for patients.

Comprehensive Treatment Options

These options encompass a broad spectrum of techniques tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of patients.

Patient-Centered Approach

We prioritize the needs, preferences, and concerns of each individual patient, recognizing that every woman is unique and deserves personalized care.

Enhanced Confidence and Well-Being

These specialists understand the intimate nature of their patients' concerns and strive to address them with empathy and professionalism.

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Most common queries


The treatment uses a unique process of gently heating and stimulating blood flow to the target tissue. The Ultra Femme 360 device works by inserting the 360° disposable tip through the introitus (vaginal opening) and inside into the vaginal canal. The tip moves alongside the whole length of the vaginal canal using a slow, repeating motion forward (towards the cervix) and backward (towards the introitus), all the while delivering targeted radiofrequency energy.
The goal is to elevate the temperature to over 40°C in the target tissue. The increased blood flow plays a crucial role in the target tissue. During an Ultra Femme 360 therapy, blood perfusion in the tissue is significantly increased which stimulates the natural healing.

Your suitability for Ultra Femme 360 treatment will be established during a consultation with our doctor. A full medical history will be taken, and you can discuss the areas of concern or difficulties that you are experiencing with your current vaginal health. A physical examination will also be required to diagnose symptoms associated with vaginal laxity and atrophy.

During your consultation, our doctor will be able to recommend the safest and most effective treatment options available, which may include RF tightening with the Ultra Femme 360, to rebuild both your functional and sexual well-being.

If you have any of the following conditions, then this treatment might be right for you:

  • Vaginal laxity – a lack of tightness in the vaginal walls and canal
  • Vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy – this can cause painful sex, itching in the vagina
  • Loss of sensitivity in the vagina and/or low libido
  • Dyspareunia – pain during sexual intercourse
  • Leakage of urine on coughing or during exercise – common symptoms of stress urinary incontinence
  • labioplasty,or suffering from involuntary leakage of urnine. 

You will be required to come for consultation and treatment at a point in your menstrual cycle when you are not bleeding.

Pregnant women are not suitable for treatment.

While the ULTRA FEMME 360 homogeneously heats the treated area, you will feel a pleasant and comfortable heat. Following the treatment, you may notice mild redness and swelling in the treated area. This usually disappears within a few hours. 

Approximately 8 minutes for the treatment process itself, making it very quick to deliver. The treatment is simple, yet very effective, sometimes achieving the results desired after one session, although recommended no of sessions is 3 spaced 7-14 days apart.

There is no downtime, no post-treatment discomfort, nor any restrictions on your normal and sexual activities, although you may wish to refrain from sexual intercourse for a week. You may notice some redness and very mild swelling immediately post-procedure, but this disappears within a few hours. This means that it is generally considered to be a lunch time procedure.

Our patients have noted improvements in tightening (internal and external), incontinence, sensation, and lubrication after one treatment. Most of these results could be noted immediately or within days after the first treatment. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months. Maintenance treatments are usually recommended every 12-18 months.

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